commentary magazine submissions

commentary magazine submissions

commentary magazine submissions

Reading Period: Aug 1 to Apr 30.

General Submissions. We're interested in topics about the literary and visual arts as well as personal perspectives, humor, commentary, and interviews with writers and visual artists. Create a richer life with Harper's Magazine. Your story should have a timely peg, or a case for why now is the time to write about this person or subject, and be written in an insightful, clear way that resonates with residents and with . Receive our print magazine and get instant digital access to our current issue and our entire archive. Ministry, International Journal for Pastors, has been published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church world headquarters (General Conference) for Adventist clergy since 1928 and offered to clergy of all denominations since the 1970s.Today's readers represent many religious faiths as well as various ministries .

Different sections of the magazine periodically open for submissions at different times. We do not consider simultaneous submissions and fiction or poetry submissions. poetry and commentary. Political Magazines. The magazine has since defined the modern conservative movement and . by John Podhoretz How Biden Blew the January 6th Opportunity by John Podhoretz Listen to longform essays, bookmark articles, save your reading location, and more.

To submit fiction, send your manuscript .

Famous for their cartoons and covers, The New Yorker features commentary on a wide variety of news topics. We strive to share our vision of the Church, the Lord and the life-changing possibilities of the Christian path with our readers, providing a degree of Catholic clarity for complex times. Provoke fresh thinking and shake up conventional wisdom. Sandra Sucher. World Press Freedom Rank: USA 45/180 History Founded in 1945, Commentary is a monthly American magazine on religion, Judaism, and politics, as well as social and cultural issues. Each submission should be designated to a single submission category.

Feb 14, 2018 at 11:59 am. We regularly publish new fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, translations, cultural commentary, interviews, reviews, and visual art.MAYDAY is interested in exploring and engaging a wide spectrum of ideas and perspectives.

Blogs should be between 300-700 words long and may be edited to fit our website's format and style. The Oregonian/OregonLive welcomes submissions of 500 to 600 words for the commentary (or "op-ed") page that have not been published in another publication. Commentary. Their editors have values such as remaining loyal to the Constitution, putting ideas over ideology, cherishing the civilizational . The Litro print magazine only publishes themed nonfiction work, but Litro Online is open to submissions of nonfiction, commentary that are not theme-specific, published every Saturday. * You may submit as often as you like. You'll be directed to the submission form, where you can upload fiction, newsbreaks, columns for "Shouts and Murmurs" and poetry. Opinion, travel and general article submissions are just a few of the items accepted by the popular magazine. Harper's Magazine. We all come from God. Contact We welcome submissions, both for the website and for the print magazine. The rain came down that day in angry, ruthless sheets, turning the hillsides to mud, pushing the workers' shanties down toward the beach, toward the fancy hotels where they labored serving the tourists who now huddled at the bar, little umbrellas poking their noses, as they sipped tequila and waited out the storm. Please do not submit manuscripts or materials that are under review elsewhere or that have been . All must include the author's . Starting in 2021, we have two regular submission periods per year: March 1 through May 31 September 1 through November 30 Additionally, our submission-fee free period is December 1-23. Succinct pitches may be submitted in the body of an e-mail. Return the following month to submit something new. Visit the magazine's website and click on the "contact us" link. Letters to the editor are 250 words or less in length. Be sure to submit under the proper category (genre). We do not accept submissions by snail mail or email. Commentary (social or otherwise): a maximum of 4000 words. As such, we welcome and encourage submissions from writers who are Black, Indigenous, people of color, disabled, LGBTQIA+-identifying, immigrant, international, and/or otherwise from communities . Fourteenth Annual Poetry Contest, with $3,300 in awards. Subscribe now! Please print out and complete a copy of the agreement and mail it to: Submission's Ministry Director,, at our offices. Information in this section is updated a few times per day. Send them as plain text pasted in the body .

You may upload one or more submissions here; and then please fill out the form below to complete your submission. We welcome guest bloggers -- it's free to submit a blog to Streetlight Magazine. 561 7th Avenue, . The Catholic Weekly Newspaper informs, inspires and connects Australian Catholics through expert journalism and insightful commentary. Fiction over 5000 words will not be read. We do not consider articles on fashion, beauty, fitness, travel, food or of a . A copy of the Submission Agreement (found here) signed by the author must be on file at iStory. . Please do not send submissions via email; online submissions accepted through Submittable only (mailed submissions are still accepted as well. We are looking for well-established brand names and talent with a history of strong audience appeal. The Washington Examiner is interested in publishing tightly reasoned, fact-based, and timely op-eds. Submission We are always grateful for the opportunity to read your work. The publication's reach extends far outside NYC. Upload your work using the appropriate Submittable submission form at the bottom of the page. . National Review.

Article Submissions Please read these guidelines before submitting your article. For the magazine: Freelance journalists and potential sources for the magazine should send queries to Kevin Davis by e-mail at [email protected] or .

The New Yorker features commentary on a wide variety of news topics. No e-mail submissions. We value great storytelling, humor, vivid characters, distinctive voices, and fresh perspectives. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES. To save your time and ours, we . Learn more about The New York Times Opinion guest essays, including how to submit a guest essay for review and publication. The Offing ($): The Offing is a literary magazine and their "Wit Tea" section publishes humor. 1.

Length.Your column doesn't need to be long - 300 words is enough, 600 is ideal. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES. Submissions must be previously unpublished material.

57, Issue No. In this "post-everything" (including history, identity, and narrative) age, critical and creative employment of language as a . Vol.

2. 1. Little Old Lady Comedy: A site that runs satire on a variety of topics including pieces that poke fun at the writing life. For information on how to submit by mail, please visit our website's Contest page.

The New Yorker is a culturally aware magazine that dates as far back as 1912. Submissions can be emailed (preferred method) or faxed: E-mail address: It is helpful if you indicate your topic in the subject. The Economist. 11. National Review was founded in 1955 by William F. Buckley Jr. as a magazine of conservative opinion. Crafts The Basics: Submit up to eight poems, or one short story (maximum 5,000 words), at a time. 805 Lit + Art. We're particularly interested in stories from outside of Austin, where we're based. Inspired by the mission and role of the town common, an egalitarian gathering place, The Common aims to foster the global exchange of diverse ideas and experiences. View All Issues.

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Submit fiction dealing with themes of social change. We've been described in many ways: celebratory, fierce, unflinching, thoughtful, truthful, dark, darkly funny, tender. Submit Your Work. How to submit: Please submit all essays, along with a short (1-2 sentence) bio and preferred phone number, to . Daily Commentary 'Asymmetric Polarization' Is Back, and It's Still Wrong by Noah Rothman The Left's Projection Crisis by John Podhoretz New York Listened to the Activist Left, and Look What Happened by Noah Rothman Is the Biden AdministrationDumb? "The New Yorker" accepts submissions through its online submission form. June 25, 2022 7:30 am ET.

from our beginning under elliot e. cohen, to norman podhoretz, the magazine's second editor, to neal kozodoy, its third, and now to current editor john podhoretz, commentary's mission remains anchored in these principles: to maintain, sustain, and cultivate the future of the jewish people; to bear witness against anti-semitism and defend zionism Besides its strong coverage of cultural issues, Commentary historically provided a strong voice for the anti-Stalinist left. Please note: Due to high volume, we are currently unable to confirm receipt of submission. Poem of the Week. For more information, contact us at or 604-527-5293. Failing to follow the submission guidelines could result in your item being discarded without even being considered. Occasionally, we may open a call for special theme issues and other magazine-related projects.

For original commentary, fiction, and poetry, Contrary Magazine pays $20 per author per issue, regardless of the number of works or nature of the submission, if invoiced within six months. We consider reported pieces, features and social commentary rooted in an intersectional feminist lens. 805 publishes debut and emerging writers, poets, photographers, and artists in our quarterly, online journal. Gilbert Allen . 13. Sidney Poitier and the Civilizing Act. Cognoscenti features opinions, perspectives and essays from some of New England's best and brightest thinkers.We publish commentaries on politics, culture, sports, law .

The weekly magazine is published by Conde Nast. *A 50-100 word bio is encouraged and . All fiction submissions will receive a fair and thoughtful critique. Subscribe - Commentary Magazine Choose Your Plan and Get Commentary However You Like It: PRINT + DIGITAL now $9.97 / month Every article, blog post & podcast, unlocked Access to all past issues since 1945 Access to our curated iPad app PDF download of current issue Monthly print edition delivered to your door Month to month payment, no commitment Quicktime (.mov) files are acceptable provided the h.264 compression setting is used. We receive a large number of submissions, both for issues of Cabinet magazine and for the Kiosk section of our website.

Healthcare Asia Online commentary submission guidelines. Commentary Magazine Submission Statistics The statistics in this section are compiled from submission reports sent to us through our submission tracker. (you may fax or . Submissions must be exclusive to the Star Tribune. Story of the Week. Payment in copies. Submissions are read January & February and will be given prompt attention. A letter to the editor is your chance to offer your succinct take on the news of the day. )8.

An op-ed is . Use a feminist lens to write on politics, social commentary, pop culture, law, education, art, and the environment. We've compiled a list of the best magazines for conservatives.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022 8:00 AM . Norman Podhoretz the founder, originally a liberal Democrat turned neoconservative . Each poem or story must be saved as its own separate file (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt or .pdf file formats only). If you submit work to us, the code for a free digital subscription will be included in our initial response letter.We hope that when you read Epiphany, you'll get a sense of the great variety of stories, poems, essays . In addition to economics and business, The Economist .

Unlike those who followed him, he demonstrated that acting civilized way is not a class or race privilege, but a human obligation. Commentary: CEOs Didn't Make the Roe Decision.

They are not provided by the publication's editors/staff or by Duotrope's admins.

Submit magazine submissions to The Editor of Meridians invites submissions of scholarly essays, personal interviews, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, visual art, and photo-essays, as well as political manifestoes, position papers, and archival documents of continuing interest. Submission Guidelines. Besides its strong coverage of cultural issues, Commentary historically provided a strong voice for the anti-Stalinist left. Vol.

MAYDAY is an international journal of literature, art, and commentary.

Please know we can only accept up to 300 submissions per month and then we close. (Max. Following the guidelines set by the New York Times is important when submitting an item for potential publication. A general familiarity with what we have published in the past is the best guide to what we're looking for.

The New York Times Opinion guest essays make an argument, delivered in the author's own voice, based on fact and drawn from an author's expertise or experience.

Anne Snyder 07 How to Curb the Culture War Why distinct spheres of human action are crucial to a healthy society. Ms. is a multi-issue and globally-focused media outlet interested in a plethora of topicsfrom policy and politics to popular culture and the arts, from education to the environment, from violence to abortion. Read the Mind Your Business submissions policy. In order to be able to look at everything we get and not keep you hanging for months, our submission policy is (unfortunately) as follows: 1) We will only contact you if we can use your submission. Send us your letters to the editor and op-ed pieces for publication. (Note maximum number of submissions per issue below.) 02 04 Remember the Spheres We don't just need to reinvigorate our civic topography; we need to relearn its contours and respect what they're trying to protect. 2 articles per issue)6. It is also known its iconic cover art. Inside the Box. Current Issue: Number 3.

We seek writing and art that is unexpected, striking, and moving. They're also looking for artwork for the magazine cover. Disclaimer Magazine is published frequently online, and accepts submission year-round. Rick Marin recounts "The Last Days of Legacy-Media Disco," reviewing all the expenses fit to submit and other memories of his halcyon days in print. What We Pay Our. We're interested in culture and history, politics regional and global, the past, present, and future .

Monthly Review | Tel: 212-691-2555 134 W 29th St Rm 706, New York, NY 10001 . Harper's Magazine is the epitome of thought-provoking journalism, simultaneously conservative and liberal. We are looking for . Spring Fiction and Nonfiction Contest, with $5,000 in awards. *Please include the title and your full name in the naming of your document.

It has become "a public health crisis," he continued, and his agency is focused on "reducing overdose deaths through evidence-based strategies."

Commentary 18 Feb 2009 Work for the greater good During the Great Depression, scientists proved to America why researchers are key to nation-building, says Eric Rauchway. Materials should be formatted according to the instructions found on the Formatting Guidelines page. Read stories and articles from essential commentary on political life to in-depth reporting on topics far beyond mere politics, such as literature, culture, or science. Pays 25 cents a word for stories and $25 and up for other types of submissions. Sydney Poitier's films were mature examinations of blackness in American life. Matter is a monthly online journal of political poetry and commentary established with the intention of breaking down structural antimonies between labor and capital, and aesthetics and politics. Submissions are also currently OPEN for work to be published exclusively online at Epiphany.We are offering everyone who sends us work a free digital subscription to Epiphany. Our goal is to offer readers a robust range of ideas on newsworthy events or issues of broad public concern .

Submissions. Pockets Magazine - For kids aged 6-12, Christian magazine offering fiction, scripture, puzzles, games, etc. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, there has been an increasing shift from class-based politics to politics based on mobilising "people" within the left-wing political praxis and rhetoric. BEST OF COMMENT. Genre: Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction.

*Kindly double space your pages, using Times New Roman 12-point font. Subscribe Now. 16, 16 Apr, 2022. Feel free to interpret our themes in unique and unusual ways. You may also choose to submit to Commentary Pieces for Sunday Insight, where the word limit is 700 words. Candace Vogler. If things go well, by God's grace, we are all headed back to .

Needs: The New Yorker is looking for fiction and poetry.

We are always grateful for the opportunity to read your work. Contest results are posted on our website and through social media. Editor's Note: The Joy of the Road. This portal is for affiliated students, faculty, staff and alumni. For video clips, .mp4 files are preferred. Photography & Illustration: we only accept solicited art and photography.

Read more #Media #Journalism Welcome to the submission portal for Summer/Fall 2022 online and in-print publication for PCC Inscape Magazine.

Commentary submissions should be no more than 700 words. Submission. . Guidelines for reader submissions. If you are interested in sponsored content opportunities, please contact the National Advertising Director ( [email protected .

subTerrain publishes original fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, essays, and commentary three times a year. The magazine is read around the globe. We will no longer consider multiple or simultaneous fiction submissions. Covers news on politics & policy, culture, white house, world, immigration, economy & business, elections, US, film & TV. The online politics section wants comments/opinions/personal essays on anything that falls under the word 'political' - from LGBT rights to sexism, racism to . We like social commentary, but mainly we like good writing.

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, founded in 1949, is the award-winning SF magazine which is the original publisher of SF classics like Stephen King's "Dark Tower", Daniel Keyes's "Flowers for Algernon", and Walter M. Miller's "A Canticle for Leibowitz." Territory: USA Submission fee: $0 Frequency: 6 times a year Online .

Family time and road trip wonders inspired Editor Colleen Smitek during the making of July's Road Trips issue. New York, US. Yuval Levin 19 Resisting a Culture of Incoherence You may upload one or more submissions here; and then please fill out the form below to complete your submission. You can also mail up to six poems to the poetry editor, Paul . All manuscripts should be submitted as a Word document or PDF. Please forward us a link to your work;7.

40 No. Each submission should be designated to a single submission category. Editorial Focus. It's Still Their Problem to Solve. The winning entries and judge's essay are published in the Spring/Summer issue (52/1) of EVENT.

Christopher Buckley, Editor-in-chief.

But we [] They're always seeking short stories and poetry, as well as news stories, analysis, commentary, book reviews, film reviews, theater reviews, and music reviews. So what are we looking for? Founder Lute Harmon Sr. Looks Back on 50 Years of Cleveland Magazine. Contributors tell us that after their work reaches more than 70,000 engaged Sun readers, they often hear from old friends and new admirers. The Sun is a reader-supported ad-free magazine. Order or Subscribe Submission Instructions. Referrals from established contacts or agents are preferred. Cricket Magazine - Will pay between $10 and $210 dollars for your color or black and white original images. Author must email us an invoice within six months of acceptance for the payment to be processed. Balu Sunilraj, Sarath Sasikumar. Read about our submission period updates in this blog post. Description: The New Yorker is a widely known for its political commentary and coverage of New York culture. We DO publish sponsored content in our magazine and on our website. The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, founded in 1949, is the award-winning SF magazine which is the original publisher of SF classics like Stephen King's "Dark Tower", Daniel Keyes's "Flowers for Algernon", and Walter M. Miller's "A Canticle for Leibowitz." Territory: USA Submission fee: $0 Frequency: 6 times a year Online . Hear Us Out. 12.

A Spiritual Autobiography.

| Commentary Magazine "The overdose epidemic is taking one New Yorker from us every four hours," New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan said in April.

The Supreme Court's repeal of Roe v. Wade will should prompt swift . by Shirley Hilton.

Read the Issue. Enjoy our issues for free.

Use standard manuscript formatting. The magazine makes its selections only from those letters written in response to particular articles.

Founded in 1945, Commentary is a monthly American magazine on religion, Judaism, and politics, as well as social and cultural issues. Commentary We are failing America's working moms By Whitney Casares June 30, 2022 Commentary JetBlue is already failing its flight attendants.

Authors may submit work of any length. Fax number: 312-222-2598. The Atlantic is always interested in great nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. 1. Where possible please use HD frame size (1920x1080 pixels). Now comes its attempt at a hostile takeover of Spirit. Authors should submit video and audio files with clearly identifiable accompanying captions and credit information.

These magazines are slight-, moderate-, or far-right leaning - meaning they believe in and promote conservative policies, beliefs, and values. Please keep op-ed submissions to 700 words or less. WE WELCOME YOUR OPINIONS.

Chicago Tribune. Submissions Policy. Hello, and thank you for sending your work to subTerrain magazine. to any of the following categories: $4,000 Narrative Prizefor new and emerging poets and writers. They may be sent to submissions [at] If we accept the piece, but feel it would be better suited in one of the other . Submissions Tribune Content Agency accepts electronic-only submissions for columns, commentary, comics, editorial cartoons, puzzles and other content, including high-profile digital ventures and multimedia offerings. Tuesday, . Published every 9-12 months.

commentary magazine submissions

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